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why there is always a morning the next day

Beautiful Morning. Rains. Birds Chirping.

That unique smell of water splashing away at everything. The fact that everything gets soaked by water sooner or later. everything no matter how big or small or short or long. Everything has a second chance. There is always the next morning to wake up to and see things in a totally different way you never thought you could.

Sometimes I try and stay up all night sitting and waiting for the morning to come around. There is always something I wish was new. something that hasn’t happened to anybody before. The curious feeling of wonder and unknowing that is always there when we are small kids. But as clocks turn and seconds pass, it slowly fades away. there is no longer an Alice in Wonderland. no more boogie monsters in our bed. no tooth fairy. no Santa Claus. and suddenly everything disappears and changes. We find ourselves waiting for the night to appear instead. We want to sleep and forget our pain, our tension, our sorrows and everything that is wrong with the world. We all want to forget it and disappear off the face of the earth, even if it is just for a couple of hours or ten.

We all want second chances. A fresh start is what drives us to sift through the days like a mechanical robot bent on accumulating meaningless paper and throwing it all away. along with everything else. What else is left at the end? not a lot. There are things very dark and unnatural that lead us to see the brilliance and beauty of life. You have to jump into the hole to see the truth behind the image. The irony of the thought that someday we can undo all our mistakes and restart with a clean slate is further amplified by the fact that life does not have an erase button. There is an inner destruct button though. Some of us push it just to see if life is different again. For some of us, it was never really different.

The wonder of birds chirping and a glimmer of sunlight passing through the thick dark clouds while the colossal clouds thunder and rumble like the mighty hammer of the gods is what inspires me.

What inspires you?

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