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The Great Outrage

Wrote a gig review recently, and looking at the fact that this blog’s supposed to be primarily about writing down my thoughts. I figured it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to repost this here.

8 E I G H T 8 M U S I C

In today’s seemingly decadent landscape of a music scene tightly clutching on to its last ray of hope, there seldom comes a festival that completely blows all the naysayers out of the water. This Sunday was witness to the fact that the scene in Delhi is far from dead. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. Outrage Festival, an initiative started by Karan Mehta with the help of several other musicians and organizers had eight different bands including a few from all over the country coming down to Blue Frog and tearing up the stage.

There was an initial hiccup that came with the news that cops threatened to close the place down at 10 pm. But being the ever-persistent scene that refuses to shut up and listen, timings were shifted and arrangements were made. The jury is out. Afternoon gigs might just be the new thing now.

The stage at Blue Frog The stage at…

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