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Winter, She’s A Traitor!

serene, icy cold winds blew that day

that day she left, trees moaned in sleep

flowers wept, the sun long gone, slept

only whispers from old sirens felt

haunted ships of old memories lie in disrepair, wrecked

old, tattered and decaying like crevices of an old door

One i stopped stepping on, eating itself on the floor

music written, abandoned and destroyed

a broken score, a static flare on the edge of night

infected and choked by plague, blight

gangrene on the soul, black blue and white

all brittle, all bite

I shiver under the shelter of a dark cave

while I mourn her loss

Winter, she was cruel.

Letter upon letter, I wrote as seasons passed

Questions, answers, doubts yet nobody to ask

t’was quite a task

when yer at the end of the flask

give him a mask! give him a mask!

It was all so slow, it was all so fast

the weeping banshee wails, a remnant tethered flag still half mast

still in fragments and glass shards, I peek at the past

too many love letters aside, cast

what might one do when all that’s left is the twig of a tree

another crumpled up page about what we used to be

a delightful mystery, an abyss underneath a beautiful symphony

a cacophony of all that was dark, all that dissonance and all that monotony

reduced down to a bare memory

Is it all that she wanted of me?

Winter, why were you so cruel to be?

About curiouswhiterabbit

I am an explorer of time, space and reality.

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