It’s Independence Time!

15th August.

Morning. Just woke up, had my breakfast. set up the keyboards and we’re ready to go. It’s finally time to track the keyboards for the new Ebonix track ‘Alive’ at my home. Even though they were already recorded at Keshav Dhar’s home studio. At the time, we thought they didn’t turn out that well on both the songs we’re recording simultaneously right now. But when I heard the rough track we were sent back a couple of days ago. I was frankly blown away. Can’t wait till everybody listens to it. It’s a beast. I really am not sure if I did track the keyboards for Alive that well, but I guess it sounds spot-on (well, most of it). So I must have or maybe it is Mr Keshav Dhar’s ‘madgic’.  never underestimate the power of a good producer to turn absolute or well half- shit into pure gold, haha.

So since it’s Independence Day here in India.Yes, that day of the year when everybody wants to be patriotic and shit. yeah. right. I never really did much on Independence Day now that I come and think of all the previous years. But what I remember is it’s always been a holiday and like always, I shall enjoy it lazing around like a scumbag around my place and maybe if I feel a little more adventurous, I shall venture out for a stroll to India Gate or around the mall right next to my place. Holidays are so fun. especially in the morning.

I’m very stoked today for a change, cos usually when I write this blog I’m either seriously fucking high or very depressed, but today shall be a welcome change since I feel more awesome than I’ve been in months.  I shall treat you all to this wonderful blog post that is jam-packed with awesomeness. YES.

I guess this so-called -high-happiness’ is probably one of the side effects of me getting my first salary for my first ever proper job (the details of which shall be elaborated upon in future posts). The kick you get when you finally see money in your bank account, oh man. OH MAN. Epic-ness ensuing all around. What do you do when you get your first pay-check? you fucking get a credit card and decide to finally do a couple of purchases you’ve always wanted to do. So first thing I shall do, get a ticket for Korn playing on September 5th in Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida wherever that place is located, never been there probably so no idea. Lately I have been listening to Korn a lot. Their dubstep album was such a kick. It was a delight to finally seeing Korn going neck-deep into experimentation like they did back in the 90’s. reminded me of the good ol’ angst-ridden teenager school days when you hated everybody and angry music was your only savior. only this time it’s full of electronic blips and wow-wows. Nonetheless, some people are telling they probably won’t be playing their dubstep stuff but I seriously do not give a fuck. One does not simply miss a Korn concert in Delhi.





On a completely different note, Poets of The Fall are apparently coming to India to play at the various Hard Rock Cafe’s as well. But since I’m such a sucker for money and since I totally do not worship the band as such (I haven’t even heard their new stuff yet), I shall not get the tickets for their show at HRC Delhi. Also, like N number of Delhi people, I’m hoping a miracle happens and I’m able to do some ‘jugaad’ and get a free ticket. but come on, HRC Delhi is not really a huge place and I’m sure that place shall be jam-packed as fuck. I have absolutely no idea how the HRC people are going to even manage the kind of crowd that turns up. but then again ticket prices are not really cheap so maybe a fewer people will turn up, you never know.

Also, I was thinking of finally buying a good audio interface, something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time but there are just so many options, I have no idea. People tell me Focusrite has better interfaces than M-Audio. I’m not sure, I always have had more of a bias towards Focusrite since I bought a new Novation Impulse recently and came bundled with Ableton Live’s focusrite edition. I would’ve bought a Scarlett 2i2 but I used one of my bassist’s and did not really love it as such. I thought it was fine but had too less outputs. I need something that has more outputs and inputs as well. Hence I have decided to buy myself a Scarlett 18i6. However I shall have to wait another month to be able to buy it I guess, unless a miracle happens and I get a couple of paying gigs which shall be awesome if it happens. But oh well, patience is the true tragedy of life. Sigh. Here’s a picture of my room set-up just for kicks.











Also, do check out my band’s soundcloud page as well! There will be new stuff coming out real soon!

Signing Off.